Twenty One Pilots Tour 2015 – Act Fast!

Now is an excellent time to see a band as its star is rising sharply! The Twenty One Pilots tour 2015 is going on as we speak! They still have plenty of shows left on their schedule, but it’s never a good idea to wait until the show that you want to see is about to happen before you buy tickets. Get your seats early before the crowds catch wind of the show you’re planning to check out. You can see every concert that these guys have planned on our list of dates below.

If you haven’t heard of this talented group of musicians yet, it wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Up until recently they were still a struggling group who hadn’t yet caught their big break. These days you will see them all over the place though. They are ripping up the charts with tracks from their awesome new CD called blurryface. They plan to play at lollapalooza in addition to their regularly scheduled concerts.

That’s not too uncommon these days that a band will go from obscurity to superstardom in the blink of an eye thanks to the way that things spread so fast with social media. They are already packing arenas, and it wasn’t so long ago that you could find them performing in a sparsely filled club. If you saw them during their club days, you’re one of the lucky ones who can say you caught on to the trend before they took off.

The funny thing is, the members of the band would agree with this sentiment. As a matter of fact they are quoted as saying that they feel their sudden rise seemed to happen more quickly to them than it did to the fans. In a recent interview they talked about how in the past they would move all their heavy musical equipment to go perform for only a few fans. Now with their legions of concertgoers, they use these memories to help them remember the times when they struggled. It wasn’t so long ago that the members of Twenty One Pilots were working normal day jobs. Josh Dun was actually working at guitar Center before the band started to gain traction.

When they met each other, they didn’t immediately form a band. They were simply friends who enjoyed hanging out with one another. Now they believe that being friends first is a better way to go instead of just starting to jam together when you first meet. This way, you will always be friends first, and a lot of that tension that seems to form on extended trips on the road is easier to avert when friendship comes before profits. They can talk about anything that’s happening on the road as friends instead of as bandmates.

Many bands these days are nothing more than a brand and business. The members don’t actually get along on a personal level and they are just out to make money. When you go to see the Twenty One Pilots tour 2015, you know that you are enjoying an authentic experience that comes from the heart. So far they have announced a dates all the way until February of 2016. You’ll have lots of opportunities to pick up tickets to a show in your area.